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Apple will not unveil rumored iWatch and new Apple TV at WWDC 2014

If you have ever thought of seeing new Apple products in its upcoming WWDC 2014 conference, here is the bad news. The new report from a popular tech blog claims that the company will not launch any new Apple hardware such as a revamped Apple TV or rumored iWatch wearable device.


According to the report from Re/code, Apple will use the WWDC 2014 event focusing on latest Mac OS X, iOS 8 mobile operating system and possibly, Healthbook app for fitness and health enthusiasts. The report cites sources familiar with Apple’s plans.

Apple’s annual event, this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in San Francisco from June 2 to 6. If you dig at the history of these events, Apple always used it to unveil new or updated version of the operating systems. But surprisingly, Apple also launched its Macbook Pro with Retina display and Macbook Air in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is pushing itself to release its upcoming OS X 10.10 that is internally codenamed as “Syrah.” According to some rumors, Apple will be naming the next version (OS X 10.10) as Yosemite, after Yosemite National Park, United States.

Still, Apple is working on its updated Apple TV set-top box, but it won’t be unveiled at WWDC. New Apple TV is rumored to come with gaming support, App Store integration, iOS 7 controller integration and the company may introduce new content deals by partnering with content providers. New revamped Apple TV is expected to come in Q3 2014. Since Apple iWatch will not be launched in Q2, we can expect it at company’s traditional iPhone launch event in August-September range, or may be even two months later.

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