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Microsoft updates Xbox One firmware with Sound mixer & speech data collection

Microsoft is rolling out a new system update for its Xbox One gaming consoles, which will let users to opt for its speech data collection to improve its voice command sensor’s voice recognition intelligence and added a Sound Mixer for applications with Snap and Volume Control.


With the new update, Xbox One users will be able to control the volume levels when using Kinect for chat. Microsoft also asked users to participate in Speech Recognition program to help improve the voice recognition sensor of the Kinect by crowdsourcing your voice. This is not mandatory, just an optional opt-in program.

Here are the changelog, according to Major Nelson of Microsoft Xbox, which was announced in March 2014:

  • A new game save progress bar will show up when you save your game.
  • If your friends sign in to Xbox Live, you will be notified. And if your friends are in multiplayer, they can be identified right from the friends list. You can also watch their most popular apps as well. This feature has been added after receiving frequent requests from the preview users.
  • Improved Kinect voice and motion sensors.
  • Video compression algorithm has been improved for enhanced GameDVR video quality.
  • Support to Blu-ray contents that are recorded at 50Hz has been added.
  • As we said, new audio settings has been added to the dashboard.
  • Xbox One device management feature has been updated by fixing bugs related to set-top boxes, receivers and TVs.

Once after updating your console, you can opt-in for company’s voice sample collection program in privacy settings inside the dashboard. This isn’t the first time that Microsoft want your voice samples, the same program was already introduced on Xbox 360, long ago.


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