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Jury ordered Samsung to pay $119.6 million for Apple’s damage claims

In an ongoing patent war between Samsung and Apple, an U.S. jury has ordered South Korean tech giant to pay $119.6 million to Apple, which is way too less than what the company had sought earlier. Samsung, which claimed a $6 million for damages, was awarded $158,400.


Since five weeks, both Apple and Samsung are fighting over the patent disputes, where Apple seeks $2 billion from Samsung claiming that the latter one used many of its patented technology on its various products. So this mere amount of $120 million looks like only the 6 percent of what the company actually want Samsung to pay them.

The month-long trial is happening in a San Jose, California, federal court. Samsung defends itself and denied the violations, instead the company had counter attacked on Apple by claiming that Apple infringed one of its patented technology and used it on FaceTime video calling feature that could be found in many iDevices and seeks $6 million from Apple for damages. However, On Friday, the jury found two infringements of Apple patents by Samsung.

Apple and Samsung have been fighting over patents disputes around the world for three years now. In 2012, Jurors ordered Samsung to pay a sum close to $1 billion to Apple, in San Jose. But Apple’s persuasion to have a permanent sales ban of Samsung phones in United States hasn’t made the U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to issue the injunction.

According to some experts in this field, Apple wants to curb the growth of Google’s Android software running smartphones, which is seeing a rapid growth against Apple’s iOS-powered iPhones. Samsung is the largest Android smartphone-maker, so far. Recently, it was also reported that Google is ready to take share on Samsung’s penalty to pay Apple.

“Though this verdict is large by normal standards, it is hard to view this outcome as much of a victory for Apple,” said Brian Love, a Santa Clara University law professor. “This amount is less than 10 percent of the amount Apple requested and probably doesn’t surpass by too much the amount Apple spent litigating this case.”

Apple seeks a sales ban on patent infringed Samsung phones in United States, while Samsung also want to persuade a sales ban on infringed Apple products from U.S. stores. this time too. But experts in this field argued that an injunction is extremely unlikely, for both the companies.

During the trial, Apple argued that Samsung couldn’t have competed in the smartphone market without unfairly copying its flagship iPhones, while Samsung said that Apple had enormously abstracted the importance of its patented iPhone and iOS features.

After the verdict, Apple attorneys weren’t so happy and argued that there had been some technical mistake i awarding damages to Apple for Samsung’s claims. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ordered the jury of four men and four women to resolve the issue on Monday, which might bring few thousand dollars to in favor of Apple’s damages.

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