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Have you experienced Twitter’s Mute function yet?

Twitter is experimenting with its new feature, where users can mute another users to block that user’s tweets and retweets from your timeline without unfollowing that account.


Some of Twitter’s mobile app users who were able to mute other users, reported about the new “mute” function in their tweets.

This is not the first time the users are allowed to mute users. Unofficially, there are some popular third-party Twitter services such as Tweetbot and TweetDeck, which allows users to mute anyone from their timeline, similar to that of Google +’s “Mute” feature. However, Tweetbot even allows users to block an entire app to show its updates via any users in timeline, like blocking an app in Facebook.

If the micro-blogging site rolls out this feature to all users, then you don’t have to be annoyed to see some of your Twitter friends’ irritating tweets and you don’t have to unfollow him too! However, if you want to get his/her important tweets in a particular time period, don’t forget to “unmute” the user, manually.

According to reports, Mute feature will not be able to block direct messages nor notifications for tagging or reply. We have to wait and watch, whether Twitter will add hashtags and topics into ‘mute’ function or not. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

You might have been in their list of beta testers for this new feature. Just visit any user’s profile on your iOS or Android app and click on the “Settings” icon. As of the time of writing, I have experienced a mute option, but later the option disappeared. I have added the screenshot of my Android app, which is lined first in the above image.

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