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Twitter redesigned Vine.co, now allows visitors to search and browse without login

Vine has made a major upgrade to its web version of the popular six-second video sharing mobile app, where now any users or visitors can search and explore the looping videos throughout the website without the need of login to the website.


When YouTube launched long ago, it allowed any visitors to search and browser through videos and it gradually became the blockbuster service since then. Now the new move by Vine.co could help the company to gain more traction in terms of marketing videos for sure.

Remember, only public video clips could be accessible for everyone and those of your private six-second videos will stay private. Even the visitor should login to their account to re-vine a registered user’s vine.

There is a dedicated team of editors at Vine, who will curate contents and make them visible in featured areas such as featured viners, channels, editor’s pick, featured in science & tech, featured in animals, featured in DIY and more in homepage.

The main drawback for low-bandwidth users is that those six-second looping videos will play by itself when you open the webpage and even in the mobile apps. To tackle this in its website, Vine has made the playback of those videos to begin when the user hover his/her mouse pointer over the video. But the shuffling videos behind the search bar plays by itself and there is no way to stop those shuffling videos by random (or selected?) users.

Vine introduced the web profiles in January 2014. If you have already been using the Vine app on you smartphones, then you have to login using your credentials or use your Twitter account to authorize. You can go to your profile to watch your uploaded videos, but the users can’t upload the videos from the website on desktop computers. TV icon at the top right will turn your stream into a TV mode, which will show the larger view to play in sequence and by default the videos are muted, you have to click to enable sound and arrow keys to move to the next or previous videos.

In October 2012, Twitter acquired the Vine, the six-second video sharing company that not even launched its service to public. But later in June 2013, Twitter launched Vine’s first iPhone app and gradually became a matured social network for really tiny videos.

The new updated version of Vine mobile app is now available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Download now, if you haven’t yet!

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