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Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition will arrive at any moment now

Google had changed the picture of Galaxy S4 to that of Galaxy S5 in its Google Play edition device page in its online store, which certainly indicates that the new Galaxy S5 GPE will be arriving at any moment now.


Now that Google has changed back the original picture of the device, we can only imagine the full listing might get updated soon. Whether its intentional or accidental, hey, it’s Galaxy S5 on Google Play Store.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 has already arrived in the market and people are still doubtful about its Google Play Edition. Last year, the Korean brand surprised its customers with its Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, offering a unique Android stock ROM, rather than Samsung’s interface alterations. It happened to be the first device and since many similar models is offered from the HTC, Motorola, Sony, and LG with the G Pad 8.3 tablet.

Recently HTC One M8 has been released in the market with the new Google Play Edition. The following edition has been at par excellence to many of its customers. However, the Samsung and Google have not talked much about this edition, but rumors say it will be soon in the customer’s hand. The current debate among the techies and enthusiasts leads to discussion whether the other renowned mobile manufacturers have the custom changes such as Samsung’s TouchWiz UX or HTC Sense.

The best part of buying Google Play Edition device is that it promises of quickly and timely updating of software. The Samsung Galaxy Google Play Edition was updated in November of the previous month to Android KitKat, whereas, regular S4 did not get updates till the month of February. Similarly Verizon’ Galaxy S4 is updated to Android 4.4 KitKat not before than the previous week, nearly 5 months later Google Play Edition Device. Now, it is among the buyer’s choice, whether they are going to choose the Google Play Edition Devices or feast from the Samsung, i.e. Samsung S5.  So, far there has not been much discussion on it, but the Store hinted on the play store.


At the moment one cannot say about the real-time of its launch but people can smell the fragrance now.  The recent leaks says that the Galaxy Google Play edition Galaxy S5 might be appareled with 5.1 inch 1080p HD display, however, customers may find the software a little changed along with 16 megapixel camera, heart rate monitor, water resistance and there is much more to unravel.

As of now, the change has been reverted by Google, but you can see the cached version of the store link to see the Galaxy S5 GPE device, if you are lucky enough.

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