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T-Mobile seals the 700MHz wireless spectrum deal with Verizon

T-Mobile seals the deal with Verizon; 2G speeds to double up to 4G LTEAfter the end of quite a long strife, T-Mobile has at last purchased a wireless spectrum of 700MHz band from Verizon. According to the reports, the deal that has struck between Verizon and T-Mobile is worth $2.4 Billion. This $2.4 billion deal will not only allow the T-Mobile to spread its wings but will also allow the users for various 2G engrossed regions to enjoy higher speeds.

This deal that allows T–Mobile a certain section of the 700MHz baseband will surely have a great affect on the wireless communication systems in various 2G engrossed parts of the United States. None of the two related carrier companies has revealed about the total range of the baseband that was part of the deal. In other words, they have chosen to keep the secret probably to keep the competitors guessing while they run away with the game.

The deal between Verizon and T-Mobile will allow regions like Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, New York where 2G speeds are of a major issue at closed place to enjoy double speeds at 4G LTE. This not only makes the signal strength stronger but also is a radical and a major step in solidification of wireless connectivity in the states.

T-Mobile has stated that the users will be greatly benefited with the spectrum acquisition and will enjoy speeds up to 72Mbps. To add to it, T-Mobile is also working on creating 4G LTE highways that will push the speeds up to 140+ Mbps.

In T-Mobile’s words:

“The upgrade will provide customers who currently experience 2G/EDGE coverage, many in rural areas, new access to 4G LTE, and many already covered by 4G LTE will enjoy access to 4G LTE in even more places!”

This deal between T-Mobile and Verizon first reported in December 2013, and it took over 5 months to close the deal, at last. Recently, Rogers in Canada also switched on its low-band 700MHz spectrum to reach to more areas in its country.

Now that you have one more reason to go for T-Mobile, will you really love to go for it for the faster LTE network? Or will you go for its bold Uncarrier move? Share your opinions in the comments field below.


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