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Hulu announced to launch more Originals and revealed 3 new ad units

Today, at its Upfront event held in New York City, Hulu made plenty of announcements, where it revealed that its Hulu Plus has 6 million subscribers and the company would be expanding its marketing spend on Hulu Originals, three times than before.


Hulu said that  its TV and movie streaming service are now accessible on more than 400 million Internet-connected devices in U.S. alone, like Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii-U, Roku’s set-top boxes and dongles, Google Chromecast and recently released Amazon Fire TV set-top box.

The firm also said that after it brought the streaming services to home entertainment devices, Hulu saw more than 30 percent increase in average-minutes-viewed. Meanwhile, the company has provided over 3000 “unique ways” to access content on Hulu and Hulu Plus, such as on Android, iPad, Apple TV and many more.

Hulu also announced to stream its one of the most watched shows in its first few weeks since airing, Deadbeat’s second season and set the première dates for East Los High, Quick Draw and The Awesomes: season two. Hulu already released second season of its comedy series Moone Boy, where the first Hulu Original for kids Doozers, with its first seven episodes, is gaining pace among the most popular shows on the kids hub. Behind the Mask, a documentary series about sports mascots, received the first Emmy nomination for a Hulu Original. The Hotwives of Orlando is a reality TV satire show that will be debuting as Hulu Original on July 25th.

July 2014 onwards, Hulu will be offering free access to “ad-supported” select TV shows’ full episodes on mobile platforms without a Hulu Plus subscription. But the company hasn’t revealed those “select TV shows” or episodes that will be available for free, strating this summer. Previously, Hulu allowed users to access only short video clips for free users on mobile devices. Additionally, the company also promised to release updated and refreshed iOS apps for iPhones and iPads in this month-end.

On the revenue generation side for mobile platforms as well as laptops, Hulu revealed three different ad types that will be rolled out soon.

In-stream purchase ads


With Pizza Hut as the launch partner, this in-stream purchase ads will be rolled out later this summer. Via these ad units, viewers could order any Pizza Hut foods for pick-up or delivery from the Hulu streaming screen itself, without having to leave the application. Once the order is placed, users can resume their streaming contents right away from where they left off.

Cross platform interactive ads


This special algorithm-based ad units will predict the appropriate viewers for each brands it presents in its cross-platform interactive units, such as showing beer ads to a viewer who is 21 years and old and who had acknowledged that beer ads are relevant to his/her interests. Hulu has a tie up with Corona Extra as the launch partner for this ad platform and it will be launching in this summer as well.

Hulu 360 ads


Hulu 360 ads are nothing but the device-specific video advertisements, which will be serving those ads based on the streaming device used by the audience when watching a TV show. Hulu partners with Immersive Media to deliver its Hulu 360 video ads in its platforms.

So many announcements by Hulu will definitely make you happy (and sad for those ads too?), but the most interesting part of the announcements are increase in number of Hulu Originals. If you are a Hulu Plus subscriber, let us know your opinions in the comments field below. If not, then also you may express your opinion!

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