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HP and Foxconn team up to create cloud-optimized hyperscale servers

Data storage and efficiency has always been the issue with Internet and cloud computing. Management of storage places effectively has led to the increase in the price of data. To bring in a solution to the issue and to form a strong venture in hyperscale cloud-optimized servers, Hewlett-Packard and Foxconn have teamed up to create low costing servers in cloud data centers.

HP and Foxconn team up to create cloud optimized servers

According to the officials of Hewlett-Packard and Foxconn, creation of low costing servers at the cloud data centers will help various companies and organizations in their business. The use of low costing servers will, therefore, automatically bring down the cost of data for the service providers and thus in turn for the normal people.

Foxconn is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic devices that includes Apple products and their motherboards. Reputation of Foxconn goes deep as the parent industry of the iPhone’s device manufacturers.

According to the experts in the field, the companies like IBM and HP have actually suffered because of having quite high prices when compared to other Asian Server Providers. Thus, the fraternity thinks that this is more of a kind of alliance by HP with Foxconn to enter the low-cost Asian Market.

Industry analyst Andrew Butler, vice president of Gartner research firm said:

“The challenge for the established server vendors is that they risk becoming increasingly over-engineered and overpriced as the data center evolves, and this is HP’s attempt to circumvent that challenge.”

Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer of HP said in the statement:

“With the relentless demands for compute capabilities, customers and partners are rapidly moving to a New Style of IT that requires focused, scalable and high-volume system designs.”

Interestingly, neither Foxconn nor Hewlett – Packard have given any official statements about the tie up but according to the sources the ‘non – equity joint venture’ between the companies will be taking effect from today itself; May 1st, 2014. His tie up does give Hewlett – Packard a huge insight into the Asian Market but it will be interesting to see how much success this run gets?

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