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Google’s Plan: Nexus Phones to be replaced by Premium Android Silver Handsets

The Internet Media was flooded with the rumors of Nexus being replaced by Premium Android Silver Handsets. Till today they were rumors for sure, but the latest news received on the topic transpires that there is some sure solidarity behind the words. According to the sources, Google will comply with its policy of providing the best possible user experience and thus will be replacing the Nexus systems with the Premium Android Silver Handsets.

Nexus Phones to be replaced by Premium Android Silver Handsets

This decision by Google to go into Premium Android Silver Handsets means that Google is looking forward to making a solid position in the software sphere. The process of transformation will be ‘Expansive and Expensive’. For the proper germination of the transformation, Google is planning sped a lot of these Premium Android Silver Handsets via promotion in various carrier stores. Google will also be subsidizing the costs of its hardware partners.

According to the experts, Goggle is doing all the hard work only to be the super force in the technological field of Android. Google has already done its tie ups with companies like Motorola and LG with companies like Samsung and HTC in the line. All the leading companies have already provided the original application of Google Play Store which certainly shows the potential supremacy that has already developed in the market.

Many people think that Google always wanted the flagship and with Premium Android Silver Handsets, things are going to be better for them. The extent of prowess that has been extended can be surely seen the fact that HC and Samsung state that HTC ONE and Galaxy S5 are powered by Android. This was not the scene previously.

The rumors also suggests that Google is planning to spend over $1 billion to get the smartphone-makers on board to its new Android Silver initiative. This project will first target the United States as well as some other developed countries first, may be, with Google’s own in-store Android kiosks to exhibit its software.

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