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Apple dropped $100 from Macbook Air’s price with slightly faster processor

Apple is hitting the headlines is due to its 11-inch MacBook priced at $899, where the 13-inch model’s pricing starts from $999. That means Apple dropped $100 from the original price tag of Macbook Air ultra-portable laptops and upgraded the device with slightly faster processor.

Apple’s MacBook Air at $899 costs less and works more

There is no doubt of quality of service provided by Apple. Starting from the hardware to the software, everything that is provided by Apple is of good quality. But this time, Apple is not topping the charts due to quality of work and material.

Many people would consider that for an 11-inch device $899 is way over the limits but with best quality hardware and software provided by Apple, automatically sums up for the extra Price. With the new model of MacBook Air the battery performance has increased to a great level along with the processors and other memory features. One of the best features In MacBook Air is that the 1.4 GHz processor can be boosted up to 2.7 GHz.

The major fact that does not go with MacBook Air is the fact that with the increase in Memory and size, the price gradually comes up to about $1199. There are some great features in MacBook Air, but there is no cooler to cool the processor that actually makes it a thing of consideration. That means, you should avoid using the device on a soft pillow or on any such soft surfaces as it could block the airflow under the laptop!

The MacBook priced at $899 is one of the best and the lightest laptops produced by Apple, or any other brands. A lot of new renovations are expected in the next MacBook that comes in.apple-macbook-air-price-specsAs the PC market demand declined over time, Mac sales have outperformed the PC for sometime. Apple had seen 4.1 million units of Mac’s sales in last quarter, up 5 percent compared to the sales of same quarter of last year. However, the overall computer market had seen a 4 percent drop year-on-year basis.

These ultra-portable laptops are in the market since its launch in June 2013 at WWDC conference. The price cut clearly suggests that the new Macbook Air is up for launch in upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in June, this year. Apple’s iOS 8 is also expected to get unveiled in the same event and rumors suggests that Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iWatch could be announced in Apple’s WWDC 2014 conference in San Francisco.

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