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Mozilla redesigns its browser with updated Firefox 29

Mozilla which is one of the largest and favored browsers used by the people after Internet Explorer and Google Chrome has hit in with updates that are for the general good of the users. Mozilla holds quite a number of fans for the distinct style that the browser follows for itself. Interestingly, with Mozilla Firefox 29, the users will be confronted to a lot of changes that has been made in order to bring a bit of elegance into the browser and make working simpler.

Mozilla Updates are for the good

The Browser by Mozilla was re-launched in the year 2011 with the aim of getting ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. Standing at this point of time, Firefox has a better market share than Safari but Chrome and IE are ahead.

According to the statements released by Mozilla, the updates have been aimed at the points where users can be benefited. NetMarket Share data reveals a total of 14 percent market share by Firefox version 28, 27 and 26, from January to March 2014.

All of this from Mozilla has come in a situation, where the organization was in deep internal strife owing to some actions of the 11 day CEO of the company on anti-gay marriage in California. Most of the people would think that this was not a good time for the update but considering the security hole in Internet Explorer and the US and UK governments officially asking the people not to use Internet Explorer, it is the chance where Firefox can really bite on the race.

There are many changes in the Mozilla Firefox 29. You will see buttons moved from east to west as in case of the Menu Button. The design is more touch friendly and comes with a block layout. According to Jonathan Nightingale, people have changed the way they use Internet now and the new Firefox will suit their needs perfectly.


The new Firefox Sync gives you access to Awesome Bar browsing history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data across your computers and mobile Android devices. Mozilla has deeply integrated its Firefox Accounts to simplify the setup and device syncing process. All the new features explained in the video, embedded below.

Earlier, Mozilla planned to introduce touch-only Firefox browser for Windows 8 computers, but later changed its mind and killed the Touch browser for Microsoft Windows 8. But the new move seems the company is adding some touch features developed from Touch browser project into the normal browser.

Now that the Microsoft’s browsers comes with major zero-day vulnerability and governments began to warn the users to not to use the Internet Explorer anymore, until the software gets patched, Mozilla’s introduction of new updated browser has entered the market with a perfect timing. I have personally found Firefox 29’s performance faster than that of Google Chrome. What is your opinion?

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