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Nissan tests first self-cleaning car prototype successfully [video]

nissan-logoWell, this is good news for people who have been looking for car cleaning recently and have not got a good one. Nissan has announced the magical car imbued with self-cleaning strategy using a unique kind of paint. Engineers at Nissan European Technical centre in Bedfordshire, England have implemented an application of super hydrophobic and oleophobic paint that develops the Ultra-Ever Dry facility.

This patented technology is Ultra Tech International is used for the New Nissan Note Supermini. It will be facilitating the car with ultra-resistant paint that drive way water, oil, dust, mud and grit, everything which makes your car look shabby.

Nissian claims this move to be the first step in the car making technology. This paint is made by using the nano technology creating a thin shield against all natural adversities on the automotive body. In one of the recent press release, Nissan said that this unique technology will create the protective layer of air, in the middle of paint and environment. It will powerfully fight against all elements making the car surface dirty.

So, far initial tests are done, it is an effective technology that will definitely change the new car cleaning definition. “The Nissan Note is deliberately engineered to remove the headache of finding car cleaners and customers can think of an easy car keeping. The marketing manager Geraldine Ingham, says the company is committed to resolving everyday problems of their customers and consider looking for new exciting technology which can resolve to the problem, this coating application will help them at lot.

However, it is true that Nissan has also introduced a part of self-function earlier as well. The company has already developed its smart rearview mirror which caters the better back view by using the camera on the rear windshield. The camera will help in wash and dry function and will help in keeping the lens clean from dust and dirt.

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