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Samsung and Verizon accepts camera problem in Galaxy S5 smartphones

s5amerahorzIf you are a big fan of Samsung or you own a Galaxy S5 that has no issues with its Camera then you might share a different point of view. But, even Samsung has accepted the fact that Galaxy S5 are having faulty Cameras. According the Samsung’s statement, Galaxy S5 does have some issues with its camera but not all Galaxy S5 are defective.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has suffered from cryptic messages after which it stops working. This has caused a major resent among the users of this newly released handset. Samsung has accepted the fact, but in addition have also defended them by saying that only some of the phones have the defect. The company did not issue any exact data indicating to the number of defective devices in the market.

In their statement, Samsung elaborated the issues. According to them, the defect is in the ROM structure. The part of the ROM that is used by the Camera has some issues and that is the reason some of the Galaxy S5s are getting troubled by faults. The users with the defective set have tried everything starting from rebooting the device, revering back to factory settings, etc. Nothing has worked.

Majority of the Galaxy S5 with defective camera seem to be coming out of the customers of Verizon. Being candid enough, both Verizon and Samsung have accepted the fault and are trying to make amends to replacing the devices.

Verizon USA tweeted:

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