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Amazon updated Comixology apps, cuts Apple and Google’s share through in-app purchase

Amazon has updated its recently purchased Comixology app so that the in-app purchases on the iOS has been removed, while it also updated the Android app with new payment options.


Recently, there were some rumors suggesting about the changes in Comixology application and now that being rolled out, Amazon has planned a new way to cut revenue shares of Google and Apple via its in-app purchases.

With its replaced iOS app, Comixology now allows users to purchase new comics directly through the company’s website, comixology.com.  This new application is completely devoted to the comic books reader, where one can visit the official website of the company to buy new comics.  People can also browse through new comics by using this application and download free comics (limited edition), buy the latest ones, or add to their wish list. With the old version of the application, the previously purchased comic could be downloaded via sync.

This epoch in Comixology is not simply wonderful change for the comic-lovers using iOS but one can get a clear hint behind this change. Recently, Apple’s App store has formulated a new policy demand 30 percent share in all in-app purchases and subscriptions. This tilting in the Comixology app strategy would force people to buy comics from the company’s website and thus the company will not make payment to Apple. Amazon, the owner of Comixology, which bought just earlier this month, has played the similar game on kindle app for iOS, avoiding purchase for game.

The similar application has been updated on Android and unfortunately the changes compared to the original website is not much. Now the in-app purchases is going be held through Comixology and not by using Google Play, for the same reason of not willing to give any share to Google. Of course the entire strategy is made to avoid pains to the current users and company is giving perks for updating the application.

Download the Comixology iOS app for free from App Store and download from Google Play Store for Android devices.

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