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With new tweaks, Google self-driving cars heading to master city streets

Today, Google released a video, where it revealed the new updates to its self-driving cars that includes some new tweaks like spotting a cyclist’s arm-waving, pedestrian from behind, railroad crossings and on-road constructions.


Now, with the latest software update, Google’s self-driving cars tries to remove the fear from pedestrians and cyclists, who were always nervous whenever they find a driver-less car.

Google has tweaked the vehicles to understand many form of obstacles occurs while driving such as sudden entry of a cyclist, lurching of other vehicles from hidden driveways, parked large vehicles at the side of the road, pedestrians’ crossing the road at a turning point and much more. Watch the video, where Google depicted the new tweaks added to the Self-driving cars’ programs.

Now that Google’s self-driving cars have now logged nearly 700,000 autonomous miles compared to 300,000 miles in August 2012, Google said:

“With every passing mile we’re growing more optimistic that we’re heading toward an achievable goal—a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention.”

Google aims to tackle many obstacles and tweak the Lexus RX450h and other branded vehicles according to the kind of challenges before launching the cars to other cities in United States. As of now, Google’s self-driving cars are only riding its test-drives in Mountain View, California. Nevada, Florida and Michigan are the  other cities where these cars are allowed to ride.

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