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Logitech launched Tk280 wireless keyboard with trackpad

Logitech aims at innovation and quality brings a special accessories for your laptop or desktop computer. I do personally use Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard but TK820 come up with compact keyboard with touch pad which is specially designed for operating system like Windows 8 or Ubuntu (it is Linux based OS) which needs touch screen feature to perform best.

In the world touch screen mobile, tabs and now ultrabooks have special feature of touch screen . Windows 8 or Ubuntu 12.04 or 13.04 is good if you have touch screen feature in your device.  You don’t have to own a laptop for enjoying the use of touch pad because Logitech is launching Logitech TK820 keyboard with touch pad which is Windows optimized keyboard. Logitech TK 820 is not only work as keyboard but also as mouse for you.

Logitech TK820

It is slim, wireless, lightweight, built in touch pad and Logitech’s perfect keystroke technology for quick typing with reduced noise while working with Logitech TK820 keyboard. It is wireless but you have to plug USB to use keyboard as Logitech always have USB plug and play keyboards.

It works up to 13 gesture, that is compatible with Windows 8 and you can use it also for Windows 7 (currently most widely used OS). If you asks about price so it will cost $100 and available internationally in a month.

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