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Hulu blocks VPN users in an attempt to prevent piracy

Hulu website is taking steps to stop virtual private networks (VPN) users streaming the over the top (OTT) contents outside the U.S. It seems the company has created a list of IP addresses which are commonly associated with it and are blocking their access.


This means, more than thousands will be affected in the U.S., who rely on VPN to use Hulu’s content streaming.

Hulu being the largest movie, video on demand and TV streaming service in the U.S. is doing this to block rampant piracy, while the blockade is wide-sweeping but it may affect the legitimate VPN users, for those who want privacy while they are streaming content from the public Wi-Fi connections.

VPN-pirates are driving away the potential subscribers is what said by the entertainment companies from Australia that the illegal access to the Netflix, an U.S. version.

According to TorrentFreak, the first to notice change was VikingVPN and the others are TorGuard and Private Internet Access. The latter is now in talks with Hulu to find a way out.

Now if an IP address on Hulu’s list tries to access content from the website, a message is generated that says:

“Based on the IP-address, the website has noticed that user is trying to access Hulu from an anonymous proxy tool. It also says that Hulu is currently not available outside other than the U.S. If the user is from U.S. then he will need to disable his anonymizer to access streaming videos on Hulu.”

Actually, there can be a way to avoid the ban imposed by Hulu, since it is only filtering few IP addresses – that means it is not actually keeping a check to see if the user is connected to a VPN when he is trying to access content, says PCMag. The only option left for the users is to getting a dedicated IP address from the VPN provider. Doing so, the streaming will be uninterrupted but will cost more to the VPN users.

However, Hulu’s policy is actually going to be a boon to TorGuard, the VPN service provider which provides dedicated IP address. Hulu’s CEO, Ben Van Pelt, said TorrentFreak that since Hulu’s IP ban is in effect the add-on feature purchases are increased.

No comments received from Hulu, yet. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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