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Designer of One (M8) phone, HTC’s design-head Scott Croyle to leave the firm

Scott-Croyle-HTCSoon, HTC Corporation is going to lose its precious gemstone from its crown of designing studio. Scott Croyle, the top-notch executive of the firm has decided to leave the Taiwanese firm.

HTC has confirmed the news to The Verge about Scott’s departure, who has been a part of one of principle architects in designing who designed the latest HTC One (M8), making the company to gain impressive reviews for the sleek design and excellent construct. Now Mr. Croyle will take up a new assignment as “special projects” and “next generation developments” as confirmed by HTC personnel on Saturday.

Recently, HTC reportedly hired Paul Golden – the former head of marketing for Samsung’s mobile division – will operate as a counselor to HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang. Paul Golden was the person behind the most popular “Galaxy” brand for the Korean tech giant.

HTC has been one of the highest selling smartphones powered by Android. But it seems the company went badly with the marketing and other operational problems. The result is witnessed by everyone that it is dropped out of the top-10 list of the best android powered smartphones. However, with this new decision, the company is adamant about the “company growing beyond HTC”.

Along with Mr. Croyle, Drew Bamford, who had worked on Sense will be promoted  to the post of running all the software and services under the new group formed by HTC creative labs. Hence, he will now be reporting to HTC chief Executive Peter Chou. The company spokesperson says that Drew Bamford he highly experienced and talented leader and works excellently in the user experience team. The chairperson, Cher Wang, will be playing an active role as manager of the company. Peter Chou, an executive officer is an engineering professional has pursued with the managerial duties and starting the product development.

To boost the marketing ratio and overall sales, the Taoyuan-based company has also hired Samsung’s former US marketing chief as a consultant.

With high-end smartphones like HTC One, the Taiwanese company wasn’t lacking in innovation. It’s marketing, where the company was lacking behind. I think the company has finally learnt its lesson after series of loss. Let’s see if this can be the better deal for the marketing and sales of HTC.

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