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iPhone 6 to come in large screen and a curved edge all around?

Probably it’s the quality and the impact that iPhone had on the market that there are so many rumors pushing up every time. Literally, iPhone had majority of the public anticipation since their production of iPhone 5. Whenever there is news about Apple’s product launches, a lot of people try to speculate what the next things are going to be! In spite of the fact that there is no confirmed news about iPhone 6, rumors have started stating that it might come sporting a new curved edges.


Yesterday, a Japanese tech blog reported about the curved edge iPhone 6 and the very next day came some rendered concept iPhone 6 photos, designed by Martin Hajek with Nowhereelse.fr. Links are posted at the end of this post.

These iPhone 6 renderings shows rounded corners filled with the toughened display glass that slightly wraps around the front of the smartphone. The edges of the iPhone also showed with a soft curved edge.

Frankly speaking there is a lot of news about iPhone that comes into the market of smartphones every year. Not all of them are convincing enough. But with the kind of fan following that Apple, and iPhone in particular, have for them; it is difficult to cut loose the effect. When Apple was gearing up for the release of iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, there were a lot of rumors about the looks, the operating system, the user interface rice, etc. Some came through as bluffs but some changes were for real.

According to the rumors circulating already, iPhone 6 will be sporting a new look with curved edges. There is even many reports suggesting about two different iPhones being launched this year; one with a screen size of 4.7 inches and the other with a screen size of 5.5 inches. To add to this, iPhone 6 is expected to be coming with a thinner profile and a more powerful and faster A8 processor. It is expected and wished that iPhone 6, if it comes out is better than its predecessors.iphone-6-curved-edge-concept-3

These are just rumors – have a coffee and just digest it. We, the Apple fans, always had to rely on such rumors and speculations, until the official announcement comes from the Cuppertino. Stay tuned for more updates on iPhone 6 rumors and speculations.

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