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Sony debuts on Google Play with its standalone Background Defocus app

Ahead of the release of Xperia Z2, Sony has debuted in Google Play Store by launching its standalone Background Defocus app in the Google Play Store.


The company has recently decoupled some of its core apps, from its own keyboard to camera features, to make its updates faster and more seamless.

Background Defocus is somewhat like Nokia’s Refocus, a single function app, which allows the users to take a photo and add a background blur. This feature is still in vogue, while the HTC One enables this at its hardware level, simultaneously capturing two photos, while the Galaxy S5’s Selective Focus allows to take multiple photos to so that the placement of an object in space can be determined.

Google also included a similar feature in Android 4.4 KitKat standalone Camera app for all supported Android devices, where it named the technology as Lens Blur.

The Sony’s Background Defocus application is a little more granular with its resolution, the user can adjust background blur on the sliding scale, rather than to tap on the part of the photo like in other apps.

The app which debuted with the Xperia Z1s at CES, lost its presence as it is no longer interesting as it was buzzed. Xperia devices with Android 4.3 from the ZL, Z Ultra, Z1R higher, will work with application Background Defocus. If you want to know how the app works, just watch a small video below:


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