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Yahoo’s new updated Flickr 3.0 app is awesome

Yahoo launched new Flickr version 3.0 app for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices. The redesign of Flickr website and its Android app is what the new version offers with the addition of 1 terabyte of storage space to users.

With expectations for increased popularity and earmark, Flickr 3.0 may have more number of registered users inciting heavy uploads. This new version will make Flickr to capture and share photos and videos easy and fast. This app has got 14 filters that can enhance the photos by Yahoo’s recent in-add editing tool.

New Flickr 3.0 app will help users to capture and edit a HD video up to 30 seconds by using the same filters used for photos. It used to take 3 seconds per search, but now it is 30 milliseconds. The app gives smarter, faster and better personal search experience.

A 1024 GB of storage or 5000 photos storage, is what the new free to download Flickr 3.0. This app has got simple navigation tools and redesigned photo stream will make it easy to go socializing with Twitter and Facebook.

Flickr claims the new UI is designed for quick sharing and service. Auto Sync is the feature, allowing user to upload original quality images from your Smartphone to the Flickr account directly. Batch editing to organize images and videos of Flickr into albums is allowed in this app.

Bernardo Hernandez, Flickr’s Vice President releasing the new version of Flickr for iPhone, iPad and Android, said that he wanted Flickr to give better experience to every user.

The new free to download Flickr app is available in Play Store for Android and in Apple Store for the iPhone and iPad touch.

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