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Vic Gundotra, Chief of Google+ social network says “Good Bye” to Google

The man behind creation of the successful social network Google+ is leaving the company after working for it for eight continues years, said good bye in his “And then” post in Google+.


Gundotra led the Google’s social networking service Google+, aggressively. Not revealing about his future plans, Gundotra said in his post in Google+ that it is time to start a new journey.

Praising Google’s chief Larry Page as a leader and the Google+’s team, he said that it was the effort of this group of people who did built social, but not skepticism as others.

He also said that the active users for social network are growing and it shows the team effort. He further added the team is invincible dreamers, and he was going to miss them.

Gundotra last year said Google+ had 300 million active users. While some insiders claimed that the user does not have to navigate to Google+ website to be counted as ‘active’, and users don’t even have to check notifications on the screen which is placed on the top right corner.

Mr. Larry Page has confirmed Gundotra is resigning in his own Google+ post and has praised the efforts put in starting the social website, and has wish him good luck for future. He even said the company will continue its investment in Google+.

According to the inside sources, David Besbris the vice president of engineering and the current Google+ executive may replace Mr. Gundotra, yet the appointment was not confirmed by any Google’s spokesperson. What will you expect from Google+ after Gundotra’s resignation? Will the successor of Gundotra will bring the social network to a new level?

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