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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Gionee Elife E7 – Battle of 16MP cameras

Samsung S5 is not alone with 16 MP camera sensor, but also Gionee and Micromax have the 16 MP camera. Gionee’s Elife E7 and Micromax’s Canvas Knight are the handsets based on second-gen BSI sensor. Let’s compare the camera quality of two smartphones – Galaxy S5 and Elife E7, having 16 MP sensor, having CMOS technology to see which is better.


All Photos were taken by Roydon Cerejo of Firstpost, you could also check the source link (at the end) for the detailed comparison with photos.

Samsung’s new 16 MP ISOCELL sensor is the major addition to its flagship that has been developed in-house. The company says the Galaxy S5’s sensor is better when compared to BSI 2 CMOS sensor which is now in use. The physical barrier is formed in between adjacent pixels by the new sensor. It allows more light to be absorbed by the intended pixel and thereby eliminates crosstalk. In short, better colors, sharp low light images accurate levels of contrast are expected, without increasing the pixel size and maintaining a decent high-resolution.

The E7 shoots at a lower resolution (16 MP, 4608 * 3456) where S5 does at a slightly higher resolution (16 MP, 5312 x 2988). The comparison images are 100 percent original and are not resized or altered. Do click on them to view full images. E7 shoots Panorama and Burst shots at lower resolution when compared the S5.

The following are the comparisons of photos taken on both Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gionee Elife E7:

1. Low light (Landscape)


The first test is of a street in low light around 9PM. The shot of S5 is better than E7, but shots of both phones are good. We can see a good balance of colours, when zoomed in, the details of the leaves can be seen clearly. We can clearly distinguish between trees and the sky.

2. Low light(Macro)


This shot was taken under incandescent light of a Parking lot. Here both the cameras have done good job. S5 gives a sharper text comparatively.

3. Daylight (Macro)


This shot taken at around 10 AM in the shade. Both cameras win here as they give incredible pics giving accurate details and colours.

4. Indoors (Macro)


This shot was taken in natural light on a window sill. This time too both cameras have captured an excellent pic which gives every detail and the colours.


Another shot was taken at the same window. The S5 gives a little better than E7. Detailing is good in both cameras.

5. Panorama

Click on Image for a larger pic

The S5 is a clear winner here. The shot was taken at around 11 AM in hot conditions. The S5 gives a warmer image, and with better accurate colours, capturing the shot at higher resolution.

6. Outdoors


The images taken by both cameras may appear to be the same, but one can differ when shots are zoomed in. S5 gives better details even in black levels. The edges around the bike are slight sharpened in E7. S5 gives a clear view of writing on the tank and on the decal at the pavilion seat with good colours the S5 shot looks appealing.

7. Burst


Here again, both the mobiles are good, and going in details, they both don’t give ghost effects. But E7 has lower resolution compared to the S5. The difference is clear when the shots are zoomed in. The details of the birds and people are better in S5.

So the bottom-line is Samsung Galaxy S5 has an edge over Gionee Elife E7. Both cameras give the best in macros and give good details. The S5’s shots are deeper in blacks and shots come live in colour. But, it’s the price point, where Gionee’s Elife E7 smartphone wins, not in camera competition.

[ Source (All Photos were taken by Roydon Cerejo of Firstpost) ]

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