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ZTE Open to retail through Ebay: how to buy it online

Earlier this year in Feb, ZTE had announced that they will very soon launch world’s first Mozilla Firefox operated smartphone ZTE Open. All the peoples waiting for that phone can now end their wait as ZTE is going to list ZTE Open on ebay.


ZTE has made clear that they will unveil ZTE Open in US and UK market. For easy and convenient delivery, they will sell it through ebay store. Firefox OS provides another option for low cost smartphones (at least this smartphone shows so). Surely at this stage it is not going to challenge current ranking of OS giants like Android, Windows, iOS etc.

Well talking about the ZTE Open features then it flaunts a 3.5 inch HFGA screen. It is an unlocked phone that can be operated with all the cellular companies. It operates on Firefox OS with a 1 GHz single core Qualcomm processor having 256 MB RAM only. It even houses 3.2 MP rear camera for providing perfect camera shots. Like Android, Firefox is too an Open Source OS that is built around Linux kernel.

Although its specs does not contain some X factor or something like but it completely obeys its £60 price tag. So no issues at features and price end.

How to buy ZTE Open online from Ebay

Company is yet to list it on Ebay. They will do it as soon as possible. You can buy it from Ebay like any other normal object. Complete process is similar; there is nothing new at this end. It comes with unlocked variant having orange hue (you can see from the image).

So if you are looking for a low price trendy phone then you should research about ZTE Open. It will fulfil most of the ideal conditions.

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