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Leaked screenshots shows revamped UI of G3, to come in Gold Champagne color

We’ve seen a huge number of rumors during the past few days regarding the LG G3 smartphone, today, some screenshots of the software running on the alleged LG G3 have surfaced, which shows a revamped UI. The images were exposed by the people at Digital Trends, mentioning industry sources.


The leaked screenshots shows two widgets; weather and the time widget. Both have a neat squared off edges with subtle shading. If believed in rumors, then the Smartphone might come with personalization tool, which can be used to create a UI of your choice.

Last week, The Verge reported that they received images which confirm to appear as retail box of LG G3 Smartphone to come. The interesting part is not the box but the color which resembles Apple iPhone 5s’ classy champagne gold.

LG’s G2 Smartphone has been the best buy till date, so the expectations are same from G3 Smartphone. This LG next high-end Smartphone may not only have improved hardware but one can also see changes in the UI as well as per the leaked images.

The Smartphone manufacturers are adding gold to their gadgets color palette and it makes a growing trend. We posted the image that was received by The Verge, as said before.


While all the other major manufacturers revealed their flagship Smartphone for 2014, like Samsung, Sony and HTC and their devices on sale, LG has waited to look up to the competition and has made its move, which is working for the company.

If LG gets its hardware and software combined in right place and right time, then it may lead the market this year. Will this happen?

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