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Samsung to launch its next-gen Galaxy Tab 4 on 1st May

Samsung has added another name to its line of Android tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and it’s a revised version of Tab 3 in many ways. The date has been decided to be May 1, when Samsung will be officially launching in new tablet into the market, both online and offline. Galaxy Tab 4 will be having a couple of special features which will make it different from the other Tabs in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 come May 1, a new addition to the family

New additions to the Samsung Galaxy Tab series, which is already known as one of the best tablets with Wi-Fi, will be coming in the size range of 7-inches, 8-inches and 10.1-inches. It is undoubted that Samsung will continue providing the great Wi-Fi service that the Tabs are known for. We do know what Samsung promised while they announced about Tab 4 in earlier this month, but it will be great to see that even the users say the same about the Wi-Fi.

May 1 will see Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 be launched to the market in two different colors and only these two colors – Black and White.

Internet will be even faster now on 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablets. For Tab 4 7.0, Sprint will be providing the 4G LTE services. T-Mobile will be doing so for Tab 4 8.0 and Tab 4 10.1 will be powered by Verizon. There are some rumors suggesting that AT&T will also planning to power Tab 4, but there is no information about which size will be chosen. With the powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core processors all the way along for Tab 4, it is undoubted that the performance will surely dig deep into the minds of the people.

With all these added features, Samsung has priced Tab 4 7.0 at $199, Tab 4 8.0 at $269 and Tab 4 10.1 at $349. The new tablets are expected to be out for online sales on Amazon, Office Depot, Best Buy, OfficeMax and Samsung.com itself. Pre-orders are expected to start from 24th of April, i.e., today.

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