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Viber launched its Redesigned app for iOS 7 and BlackBerry 10

Viber has hit the zone with two interesting additions to it. Viber which is more often than not termed as one of the best messaging and VoIP calling service has completely redesigned itself for the latest iOS with new features.

Viber Redesigned for iOS 7

Viber has also launched an refreshed application for the latest BlackBerry OS – BlackBerry 10. With these new additions of features, Viber is expected to take another step into success.

Viber is exceptionally popular among the users of Smartphones. This texting and VoIP calling applications has taken instant messaging on Android and iOS to a complete new level.

In case of Android, the application seemed to grow in the right fashion. Whereas with iOS 7, things were a little shaggy. This is probably the very reason Viber has redesigned it with a cleaner look and a few more features for iOS 7. The extra features include essential messaging things like sending more than two photos at a time, blocking a contact, more group members (100 members) and easy accessibility support.

Along with iOS 7, Viber also entered into the BlackBerry 10 platform with the easy-to-use UI and improved features. Now, people who are using BlackBerry 10 operating system will be able to join the world of Viber. The application comes with quite interesting visual features and stickers which will make socializing all the more interesting. However compared to the 100 members in iOS app, Viber for BB10 can have maximum of 40 members in the group messaging. Unfortunately, the 3G and Wi-Fi calling is only available for BB OS5 and OS 7 and may be, it would never enter the BB OS 10, if the company won’t see the increase in OS users.Viber enters BlackBerry 10

In February 2014, Asia’s largest e-commerce company, Japan’s Rakuten acquired Viber for $900 million and later in few days, the messaging app’s acquisition spree began, which includes the Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion.

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