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Samsung claims Apple used its patented technology in FaceTime’s video compression

The never-ending patent disputes between world’s largest smartphone and tablet manufactures has taken a new turn, as in a recent move, Samsung has claimed that Apple’s FaceTime infringes one of its patents.


Since four weeks, both Apple and Samsung are fighting over the patent disputes, where Apple seeks $2 billion from Samsung claiming that the latter one used many of its patented technology on its various products.

In response, Samsung claimed that Apple infringed one of its patented technology and used it on FaceTime video calling feature that could be found in many iDevices. In this case, Samsung seeks $6 million from Apple for damages.

Samsung said that Apple uses its technology to compress the video on FaceTime before transmitting over a mobile network. For your information, FaceTime allows Apple iPhone and iPad users to make video calls to other users via internet connection.

Samsung’s officials stated in front of the court that the patent related to the video compression and transmission was awarded to Samsung in 1994 and that was a “revolutionary” technology at the time, but Apple’s officials defended the company stating that Samsung’s technology is not up-to-date.

This time, Apple started the patent war, where it filed a lawsuit for patent infringements on five separate patented technology, which also includes the smallest “slide to unlock” feature that could be seen on both Apple and Samsung smartphones. However, the feature similar to “slide to unlock” of Apple seems to be copied by Google’s Android. And now, by using the Google’s operating system on its handsets, Samsung is deeply involved in the infringement case.

As of now, both Samsung and Apple have listed each other’s over 10 devices and once again began to fight in front of the court. Those devices also has some of the latest smartphones too.

Two years ago, when Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung, the latter one had to pay around $800 million for damages. In 2012, the court ordered Samsung to pay close to $1 billion as damage to Apple, which was later dropped to $800 million.

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