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Apple could integrate Shazam’s music detection feature in iOS 8

Apple to integrate ShazamApple to hold an annual event Worldwide Developer Conference in next June that kicks off in San Francisco. It is expected that the company may present its iOS version 8.0 that could come with Shazam integration.

According to the Bloomberg’s sources, the company wants to have its own Song-ID feature pre-built within the mobile operating system to identify music and redirect the users to Apple iTunes for a purchase.

With Shazam, the user can identify songs or an audio clip by just holding the device near the source and check if the audio matches the extensive database of the device. While this service has users more than 90 million, with the integration of iOS 8, it may double soon.

If Shazam makes its way into iOS 8, and if it is accompanied with Siri, user can have accurate voice controlled assistance for the song or movie being played. But for this, we should see the partnership between both the firms. Bloomberg sources say that Apple has partnered with Shazam Entertainment, for the development of the iOS, because Shazam has its own song detection software.

Shazam app can be downloaded from the app store, it is free when it comes with ad support, else the user has to pay $5.99. The song detection app if expected in the future versions of iOS. If the deal won’t close successfully, Apple could develop its own audio detection software and it could easily build the songs database by the help of iTunes.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch iTunes Radio as an independent app, where it could release a subscription-music service. Currently, iTunes Radio resides inside the iTunes store. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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