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Here are the 10 “Hidden Features” of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has released a 10 point “hidden features” of its flagship Galaxy S5, which could help the beginners and not-so-geeky people to get most out of the smartphone.


Though these features are not unknown for me and most of our readers, but we thought to give our users a glimpse of these little known features of the latest Android phone, which wasn’t showcased in the launch event.

Here are the hidden features of Samsung Galaxy S5:

  1. Users could write using a pencil on the screen by increasing the touch sensitivity of the handset via Display settings.
  2. If you tilt the smartphone while grooving with a song, it could bring you a customized playlist.
  3. There is a small app-drawer like Toolbox in homescreen, if enabled, you could bookmark your favorite apps there.
  4. Use Private Mode to protect your contents including texts, pictures, voice messages, video and more from unauthorized access.
  5. There is a Kids Mode with easy to use UI and UX, where you could restrict access to some applications and contents. You have to download or start using the app from homescreen via Kids Mode widget.
  6. If you enable the Camera Shortcut at Lock screen settings, you could use the camera right away from the lock screen, without unlocking. This feature is available on Android smartphones with latest Jelly Bean OS onwards and on CyanogenMod custom ROMs too.
  7. There are many new features has been added to the camera app, such as “Virtual Tour” and “Shot & More.”
  8. You could add up to 25 of your contacts in Priority Senders in the messaging app, which will help you to send messages quickly.
  9. While on the active call, you could check the caller information by tapping on Settings > Call > Show caller information.
  10. If you enable the Call Notification Pop-ups in Settings > Call, you could do multitasking by continue using the application as well as attending the active call. This one helps, while playing in an important level of a game or app.

Which one of these are your favorite feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5? Post your opinions in the comments field below.

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