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Apple to launch next iPhone on 10 September 2013

Apple is all set to launch its next iPhone on 10 September 2012. By doing so, Apple will try to utilize all important holiday sales into its box. Unlike other years, Apple might have to face healthy competition from its biggest rival Samsung. Samsung has already lost the patent case by Apple so obviously they will try their best to put maximum hurdles in Apple’s way.


Going with the reports then Samsung will launch next Galaxy smartphone (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5) on September 4 2012. So it is going to be a head to head competition between both the smartphone giants. Sadly Apple has lost its main pillar Steve Jobs which in normal case might change the complete game into Apple’s favour. But still Apple will try its level best to launch a powerful iPhone with best specs so far. From the beginning i.e. 2007, Apple is fighting a silent war with open source platform Android. Obviously no one plays better with Android than Samsung. Samsung knows each and every part through which Android can be used to utmost level.

Talking about the next iPhone then Apple is going to stuff it with a new refreshed iOS which according to various experts will help Apple to recapture the market share. At present Apple is holding 13.1% shares of global mobiles whereas Samsung is on top of this list with 30.4% shares. So it would really be very interesting to watch out the silent battle between Samsung and Apple.

This time Apple might move to a larger screen size than usual. Till now no details about next iPhone’s specs are available but please stay tuned for live updates.

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