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LTE speeds in Canada maximized Indoors as Rogers switched on the 700MHz network

To bring the LTE connectivity to more places where it wasn’t not able to reach previously, Canadian carrier Rogers has officially launched its 700MHz network in parts of Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

LTE speeds in Canada maximized Indoors and Rogers’ Airwaves weaves the network

When it is about Internet, speed is one of the major requirements literally to everybody on this planet. Irrespective of the fact that you are staying in one of the remotest places on Earth or off the normal latitudes, the prime demand from the buyers to the internet provider will be its speed.

The latest addition to the Internet sphere was the LTE that allowed better speeds than 3G. United States is all over with the great speeds that LTE provides and there is no slack in the frequency. Thus, it means that people can enjoy LTE speeds literally at all places including their basements.

But the scenario is not such is countries like Canada. Although Canada was introduced to LTE quite a few days back but the frequency that is required was not found to be fixed. It varies around various values below the required necessary mark.

As a result of this variation, it so happened that people had to use G speeds in the majority of the closed spaces that they went to! But this issue has been solved. Rogers’ Airwaves provide the frequency that is required for LTE connection to exist in such a way that it does not drop.

Although Canada had the pleasure of LTE before many other countries, this glitch was really bothering the people. With Rogers’ Airwaves removing the issue, cities like Toronto, Vancouver, etc can enjoy great speeds consistently. The best feature of this is that the users will not be required to upgrade the hardware that they have as it will be supporting LTE speed effectively. Rogers’ Airwaves is looking forward to creating such a network for the rural area of Canada as well.

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