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Frontback Selfie app now avilable for Android phones

A long 9 months after releasing to iPhones, much awaited Frontback app is now available for Android phones with the same features and user interface.


With 85 “5 star” ratings in App Store, the Frontback app was well received by the iPhone users. This application lets you to capture a photo from your rear camera and a selfie from your front camera a second later. These two photos will be tiled up and down together and that could be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr by adding caption and location (optional).

These photos will also be shared to the apps own news feed, where user’s followers will see the photos they have shared and users could also view photos from other users, whom they follow.

Users could add hashtags, caption as well as @replies with each photos they share. Analaysts predicts a bright future for this application and expects that this social sharing application could be the target of Facebook or Google soon, for an acquisition!

Earlier this month, the Frontback app has introduced the new user profile page, user blocking and notification settings for iPhone users. Now, all these features are built-in while releasing to Android users. Frontback said in their blog post that they were receiving 42 percent of active users’ traffic from Android dominant countries, so they decided to move to next level by launching the Android app.

The company has also announced that its iOS app has reached one million downloads, but not revealed the actual numbers of active users. Frederic Della Faille, founder of Frontback said that the app is being used by popular celebrities like Joe Montana, MC Hammer and Snoop Dogg. He also said that the average app user likes 15 photos when they open the app on their phones.

The Frontback application is available for download on Google Play Store from 15th April onwards. You could download it from this link.

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