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Dropbox introduced Carousel app for photo management and sharing

Dropbox, a key player in cloud-based file storing and sharing services, has now moved further ahead by introducing a new gallery app called as Carousel that makes viewing and sharing of images easier than ever.


The new move by the cloud startup suggests that it is trying to branch out before launching its IPO soon. Now with the Carousel app, users could arrange, view and share tons of photos and videos stored in their computers, memory cards, smartphones and other photo-sharing services in one place.

Carousel is not its first step to put the eggs in different baskets, Dropbox has already launched its “Mailbox” email-app long ago and brought some nice UI changes to it in last year and yesterday too. However, the Mailbox hasn’t grabbed much attention as now it supports Gmail only. Although the app has been introduced on Android, iOS and Mac, only few users are using it.

Meanwhile, Carousel seems to grab some traction as the company is desperately moving from file storage to management/sorting-kind of features that could be seen mostly on a computer platform.

The features of the Carousel app is somewhat similar to what the Google+ Photos app has. Users could manage the photos from their online accounts as well as local storage in one gallery. However, with the huge user base of around 275 million users, Dropbox could bring some early adopters to the new app, although they recently introduced a built-in photo viewing option in Dropbox application.

But, it could take time to convince new users to Carousel app, as there are plenty of photo storage and sharing apps already available in the market, such as Facebook, Flickr, Google+ Photos and many other newcomers too.

Dropbox’s Carousel app is now available for download on App Store here and Google Play Store here.

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