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Microsoft Office for iPad sees 12M downloads in a week since launch

Microsoft has announced in a tweet that its Office suit for iPad has seen more than 12 million downloads since its launch last week, on March 27th.


Microsoft has released the Office for iPad on last Thursday for free, while Microsoft has a plan to earn revenue from in-app subscription purchases. It’s still unclear, whether the total 12 million downloads refers to whole suite downloads that consist of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote or the total numbers of each app downloads. Office for iPad is not a single app, it consist of all four apps as said above, that’s available for individual downloads.

As of now, all those four applications are available for free, which limit you to view your documents. If you want to edit the existing documents or create a new documents, then you ave to subscribe for Office 365, which is available from $9.99 per month to $99.99 per year and the price range could also be lowered depending on the package of apps you need.


However, the 12 million downloads in a week means a lot for Microsoft, which could have been launched earlier. Apple iPad users are enjoying using the office applications on their tablet to view or edit their documents on the go. Let’s see, how these 12 million downloads will do a positive impact on Microsoft’s revenue this quarter.

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