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Samsung updated ChatON messenger with 1GB file sharing & message recall

Samsung has updated its ChatON messenger app to version 3.5 with new features, such as recalling sent messages and large files (up to 1GB) could be shared via messenger.


Samsung ChatON’s message recalling feature will allow you to cancel (recall) the sent message to a friend in direct chat by tapping and holding on the message and selecting “Recall” and those chat message will also be recalled even after the receiver read them. If you do this, then the message will disappear from your device as well as your friend’s.

With the Glympse application’s integration, Samsung also introduced real-time location sharing feature that was demoed at February’s Mobile World Congress event at Barcelona. Brace yourself, as now onwards you could send larger files, up to 1GB via ChatON messenger, while the group chat’s user limit has been upgraded from 200 to 1,001, for broad group activities.

You could also view and send text messages (SMS/MMS) from the same chat room, as we can see in Facebook messenger as well as in Google Hangouts.

Although the messenger is available for all mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other feature phones, we could see the old version (2.7.7) hanging around the Apple App Store. May be, that could get an update soon. You could download the app for Android from here and for iOS, from here.

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