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First batch of Intel Edison PC will be “Slightly Larger” than SD card, ATOM inside

At the CES 2014 event held in January, Intel announced “Edison,” a tiny memory card sized Linux-based computer with WiFi and Bluetooth built into it, to use in future wearable computing devices such as jackets, watches and headsets. Prototype were also showcased in the event, which looked close to a SD card in size. However, just few months before the launch of the device to the market, the company hinted that the Edison’s size will be “slightly larger” than first claimed.


Intel announced that the first batch of Edison computers will be featuring the more traditional Atom processors, instead of Quark SoC, as claimed before. If they used the Quark processor, then the Edison PC would have used on many smaller wearable and the Internet of Things. Now, they are using the same sort of processors that are being used in current Windows tablets and convertible laptops.

However, using the Atom processor inside Edison could help the company to provide more connectivity options than Quark and it also reduces the price tag of the PC too.

Meanwhile, Intel said that it’s still working on the Quark version, but the first version of Edison PCs to be released this summer will contain a 500MHz dual core Atom CPU. The pricing details hasn’t been revealed yet. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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