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Dell to pay royalty to Microsoft for sales of every Android and Chrome devices

Microsoft and Dell has announced that both the companies have signed a patent licensing agreement, where the latter one will pay the software giant royalties on sales of their devices running on Chrome OS and Android software.


Hence, both the companies will share and build new Android and Chrome devices (Xbox systems included) with each others patented technology and most of the patents are with Microsoft. However, it’s still unclear whether the deal includes all generations of Xbox devices (including Kinect) and technology.

So, now Dell has to pay Microsoft a fee for using Google’s free operating systems. As of now, many other larger smartphone-makers such as HTC, LG and Samsung already signed the similar deal to pay Microsoft a royalty fee on each handsets they make with Google’s Android software, as Microsoft says that it may infringe its patents.

Dell has Android-running smartphones, tablets and a Chromebook 11 that runs on Google’s Chrome OS. So, Microsoft is finally gaining something from the sales of Google’s free software.

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