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T-Mobile pre-order for Galaxy S5 is live now for $0 upfront

Few days ago, T-Mobile US announced that it will begin the Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders on March 24th and as it said, the pre-orders took off live now.


Meanwhile, T-Mobile and US Cellular were the first two carriers in United States to start taking the pre-orders for Samsung’s flagship smartphone, but it seems that the other carriers will begin shipping the devices on the official launch date, on April 11.

You could pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone for “Zero” down payment and monthly payment of $27.50 via T-Mobile, which makes the total cost of the device to settle at $660. Although the retail price of the device gets $10 higher price tag than that of the AT&T, T-Mobile’s deal could be better as the users don’t have to sign a new 2-year agreement. Moreover, if you are coming from another carrier to T-Mobile, then it will cover all your early termination fees, if you choose to switch.

The most important part of the Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-order is, the user will get a special $120 off on a Galaxy Tab 3 Android tablet. If you are keen on buying a S5, then head over to the pre-order page, right here.

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