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Apple is the only company to cross the $100 billion brand value – Brand Finance

Apple has achieved one more milestone in United States as it crossed the $100 billion in its brand value in the country, according to the recent figures published in the Brand Finance U.S. 500.


Brand Finance U.S. 500 is a study that ranks the brands’ value based on location, market sector and more, which published that Apple has the brand value of $104.7 billion (near to 1/4th of the company’s market cap of $475 billion).

Brand Finance said,

Apple is the first and only brand to be valued at over $100 billion, which is more than the cost of the Apollo Space Program in today’s dollars.

Meanwhile, only five brands made into the $50 billion brand value club, where Korean tech giant Samsung scored $78.8 billion. In United States, Google becomes the second largest brand with $68.6 billion, followed by Microsoft’s $62.8 billion, Verizon’s $53.5 billion, GE’s $52.5 billion.

Some other most valuable brands of the years are – Vodafone at $29.6 billion, Coca-Cola at $33.7 billion, IBM at $41.5 billion, Walmart at $44.8 billion, Amazon at $45.1 billion, AT&T at $45.4 billion, Nike at $20.8 billion, Adidas at $7.8 billion, HSBC at $26.9, Wells Fargo at $30.2 billion and Siemens at $20.4 billion.


When we closely watch the top 500 U.S. brands, the tech companies dominates with a 22% share, followed by retail/apparel (14%), financial services (12%) and telecoms/media (12 percent).

In United States, California dominates as the home to the 61 of the top 500 U.S. brands with the combined brand value of $484 billion, while New York has 75 of the top 500 brands with the combined brand value of $422.

If you haven’t forgotten, Apple was in the first position in 2013 too. The pressure is on, let’s see how the Cupertino-based Apple manage to maintain the brand value in coming years.

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