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Amazon assures about Chromocast not being delayed

Chromocast is a wireless video streaming device launched by Google. Although, Amazon has been selling this product since last few months but customers are slightly worried about the reception of their product. However, Amazon wants to assure that Chromocast buyers should not be worrying about this and their order will not be delayed in any case.

Contrary to this, e-mail received by the customers indicates that customers will have to wait for a month’s time for their set of wireless video streaming device. A spokesman for Amazon tech portal reported on The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that it was sent incorrectly with an estimate date late October. Amazon also commented that many of their customer received the email containing expected delivery between October 17 and 30. Thus, the company promised to send e-mail to the concerned customers with the updated shipping information.


As the Pulse says: Amazon spokesman in reported via an e-mail that they will be actively fulfilling their orders in the coming weeks. However, the spokesperson did not person enough reason about the reasons of sending erroneous e-mails to their customers previously.

For customers who are still waiting for their video streaming dongle set, can order their device as soon as possible. This is really going to be hot cake and debut in the last week on this month. The device costs around $35 per piece that plugs into the HDMI port of televisions, Moreover, it lets customers use content from multiple devices that is being sold at Google. However, in case one order’s today then customer may expect delivery within 2-3 months.

Source: CNET

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