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Microsoft launched OneNote for Mac, introduced new features to the service

Microsoft has launched its 10-year old note-taking app OneNote for Mac today, which is now available for free at the Mac App Store.


Until today, Microsoft has limited to its own Windows platforms and recently it has entered into iOS and Android mobile platforms too. Now the OneNote application for Mac platform comes with every features as we can see in the other platforms, such as note-taking functionality and collapsible ribbon interface. However, in the user interface, we can see only minor differences between the Mac and Windows versions.

Another important step taken today by Microsoft is making the same OneNote application for Windows as free, starting today. Hence, the software giant has made the OneNote service free for all platforms. However, the premium features such as version history, SharePoint support and Outlook integration are still chargeable, except the core features.

We could think this move by Microsoft is the first step towards launching the Office suit for Mac computers, which could be launched later in this year.

Microsoft also launched a new cloud API and added a new OneNote Clipper feature that makes OneNote to directly compete with Evernote. The new features also supports all available web browsers to let you save the webpages to OneNotes and lets you send the webpages via email or send simple notes to me@onenote.com.

Microsoft OneNote already has many important apps in its platform and the company has created a developer portal with tools to encourage more developers to create their own applications to integrate with its services.

You can download the application for Mac from the App Store here.

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