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Leaked screenshot shows how WhatsApp Voice Call looks like

Soon after the acquisition news, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum has announced at the MWC 2014 event that the team would add the voice communication feature to the application soon, via voice calling other functionality, and now a leaked screenshot shows how the new feature will look like.


The leaked screenshot was taken on iPhone with latest iOS 7 operating system, and the WhatsApp voice call mirrors the iOS 7’s similar feature, with blur background and round buttons.

With the new VoIP feature, WhatsApp users can make a voice calls to their friends on their smartphones and tablets. User should connect the handset to a WiFi network or the mobile data should be enabled to make voice calls. Meanwhile, WhatsApp users are sending the recorded voice messages via chat by pressing and holding the mic button on the chat window.

The leaked screenshot also depicts a new feature added to the popular mobile messenger – a separate camera button. Once updated, the user can add a photo or soot a video directly from the chat window via the new camera button. Meanwhile, the leaked screenshot might be came from a beta phase, the feature could be removed by the developers after testing.

Now backed by the world’s largest social network Facebook, WhatsApp aimed to take on the already established VoIP service providers such as Skype, Tango, Viber and other similar apps. The new update could come to WhatsApp after June, but the exact launch date is not available yet.

[ Source: iPhoneItalia ]

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