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Sprint ‘As You Go’ rebranded to ‘Prepaid’ with unlimited talk, text & 2.5GB data


Sprint has re-branded its prepaid mobile plans from Sprint As You Go to Sprint Prepaid and simultaneously launched new attractive user-friendly plans.

Sprint will be offering the prepaid plans and phones at its stores all over United States and the non-contract plans brought forward to make the existing customers stick to the company despite the heavy competition from T-Mobile in the same segment.

As of now, there are two new plans available for Sprint Prepaid customers. One of the plans features unlimited talk and text messages with no data for $45 per month, while second plan features unlimited talk and text messages along with a 2.5GB of high-speed data. However, the carrier has stated in its terms that the video streaming speed is limited to 3G speed.

Last year Sprint introduced the “Sprint As You Go” basic plans, which offered $50 plan for basic phones and $70 smartphone plan with unlimited data, text and 3G data within its network. But, the new plans includes the Sprint’s faster 4G LTE network access for data (includes the enhanced Spark network too).

Meanwhile, 3 smartphones available with the smartphone plans – 4G LTE-capable Samsung Galaxy S3, Spark enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and 3G-capable Motorola Moto G. If you want to have iPhone 4S as your Sprint Prepaid handset, you have to opt for the $60 plan. If you opt for the $45 plan, then you have to depend on WiFi network for internet connection to your smartphones.


Head over to the official webpage of Sprint Prepaid for detailed information via the source link. Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Please post your reviews in the comments form below.

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