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Huawei confirmed to launch dual OS (WP+Anroid) in US soon

Chinese smartphone-maker Huawei has confirmed that the company will be releasing Android and Windows Phone dual OS handset in United States soon.


The news came from Trusted Reviews’ interview (check source link) where Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Shao Yang confirmed the plans.

He stated the following:

“Compared with Android, the priority of Windows Phone is much lower but is still one of our choices of OS. We are definitely using a multi-OS strategy.”

When talking about the Windows Phone operating system, he said that the Microsoft’s mobile OS is a secondary choice in front of most popular Google’s Android OS, but he said that Huawei is committed to bring more WP handsets, but with dual boot capability. The company expects that the only WP-running handsets can’t attract the customers, but giving choice between the 2 mobile OS could attract the consumers more.

Huawei will be launching the dual-OS smartphone in United States in second quarter of 2014, that means between April and June. That means, the possibility of a Windows Phone 8.1 pre-installed inside the dual-OS handset is high, as Microsoft will be launching the new updated OS in early Q2, this year.

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