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Google updates Gmail app for iOS with single sign-on and background sync

Google has updated its Gmail application for iOS devices that comes with highly anticipated background sync and single sign-on features together for the first time in iPhones and iPads.


Google launched the Gmail app for iOS few years ago, but the application was lagging behind in background refresh feature and it failed to live up to expectation. First, Google eventually faded out its old quirky user interface and now brings the background sync feature along with the single sign-on option.

The updated application will take the advantage of the iOS 7 and it will sync with the server periodically for a specified time-gap. Users should turn on the notification in the iOS settings between alert, banner, or badge to receive the alerts. Moreover, you should not forget to enable the global background app refresh feature in your iDevice. Once you complete all these steps, you are good to go and you will have the mails downloaded when you open the Gmail app.

If any of the users enabled the 2-step authentication feature for Google services, the single sign-on feature will help them to authenticate to other Google applications such as Maps and Drive with the Gmail credentials resided inside the device.

The update is now available for download in App Store and you can download it for free from this link.

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