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75 percent of current Android apps works with Nokia X, X+ and XL

As Nokia already launched its much-awaited Android phones, now it lures the app developers to bring in more apps to its Nokia Store for X series of Android phones.


While Nokia X, X+ and XL affordable smartphones runs on forked version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS (AOSP) without any of the Google’s services, users will not bale to see the Google Play Store to download the apps and the company has inserted its own Nokia Store for users’ app requirements. Now, they need more apps to be listed in their Android store and the company has released its Nokia X dedicated Android SDK and tools to analyze the existing Android apps to check whether it’s compatible or not.

According to Nokia, 75 percent of existing Android apps are compatible with Nokia X series of phones, while the 25 percent of the apps needs to be retouched and it already released the tools to make it compatible. The Android apps, which needs linked to Google’s Services would be redirected to Nokia and Microsoft’s alternative services. The porting process to the Nokia Store will take less than 8 hours, according to Nokia.

If you are interested to submit your existing Android apps or to check its compatibility, you can head over to this link.

Meanwhile, focusing on its Lumia Windows Phones, Nokia also released the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.1 with many new features such as Windows 8.1 Desktop and RT support, Lens Blur, Single Image HDR effects and optimized performance to run on high-end Lumia smartphones.

Learn more about the free Nokia Imaging SDK for Windows Phones from this link.

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