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Catty fights between South Korean company and Steve Job’s company: Knocking at the Judicial court

Friday is perhaps Apple’s crucial day for cuffing Samsung on two major legal areas. Both the legal matters are concerned with sales bans on Samsung’s phone to US for infringing the patent law. Apple is also claiming against the Department of Justice, over its failure on e-books business case.

Apple vs. Samsung

Both the companies appeared in the judicial court of “United States of Appeals” for legal argument over permanent banning of 26 Samsung’s smartphones that are being in the United States.  The jury suspected with serious copyright infringement on multiple Apple patents, and found guilty for $1 billion in damages. However, District Judge Lucy Koh has called for the fresh trials for a few devices, and the decision is delayed up to the next trail. Legal onlookers are looking minutely on each observation as the a few patent infringements amalgamated with different features and technologies may affect the sales of the phone.


The Judge wrote “the Samsung concerned phones are packed with plethora of features and applications and only a small amount covers Apple’s patent complains”. Moreover, Apple’s have their vested interest in personalizing those apps, so the Samsung’s concerned product must be banned forever as it incorporate in the myriad of their functions.

ITC final Judgment on the matter

Apple filed its complaint against Samsung way back in 2011, on the five prominent infringing utility patents.  It includes two design patents on six smartphones while other variants are for tabs. ITC on the last October found Samsung on these legal obligations for violating Apple design patents, along with three feature and technology based patents.

So, let’s see what happens next to the sales and revenue of these tech giants companies.

Source: CNET

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