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‘Stella’ is the next-gen Angry Birds game franchise

angry-birds-stella-poster-by-rovioRovio, the game developer firm behind the popular Angry Birds series has announced its upcoming Angry Birds franchise “Stella,” where a pink bird name Stella takes the leading role in the game.

Since the launch of the original Angry Birds game for mobile phones, Rovio has grown big and it launched various franchise to the game series. Rio, Star Wars, Friends, Space, Seasons and Go! are the franchises released for the same game since the launch. Angry Birds not only became popular on mobile devices, but also in gaming consoles and PCs. When the company launched the console version of the game, it sold more than million units for $40 each, in no time.

As usual, Rovio announced the game with “adventure and fun” related statements. Whatever they say, the die-hard fans of the Angry Birds game are eagerly waiting for the release. The company claimed that the “Stella” will also comes as animations, books, toys and more, other than only game. Now, that means a new business plan by the company that targets the female audience.

Rovio hasn’t released any Angry Birds: Stella’s trailers or gameplay videos yet. The game is expected to release worldwide in fall 2014. Stay tuned on The Next Digit, as we keep an eye on the pink bird and her gang of Best Friends Forever! Keep watching this space for more Angry Birds: Stella information.

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